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I believe that subtle errors in 19th Century Physics have caused a build up of cumulative errors until physics now out-weirds science fiction. This is my attempt to find the Unified Laws of Physics.

I have a consistent theory which explains the phenomena of Electromagnetism, Newtonian Mechanics and Gravity. (In paper 5, I use Classical physics to account for the so called relativistic effects of the increase in mass, the Lorentz contraction and the slowing of clocks which SR accounts for. I also account for the effects of the slowing of clocks and gravitational red-shift by gravitational potential and the bending of light by gravity.)

We start with the Pure Charge Model of Matter. This theory looks at a universe constructed of nothing but space and sees how electrons and quarks could be formed and used as basic building blocks for matter. Such a model exhibits inertial and gravitational properties identical to the real universe. Newtons Laws of Motion can be derived from the basic properties of space and the nature of pure charges.

While real matter is composed of particles which are more complex than pure charges, the pure charge model has immediate implications for our understanding of the real universe:

Since first setting up this web-site, my attitude to Einstien's theories of special relativity and general relativity has evolved. The subject is both poorly understood and presented. At university, we physics students were expected to do no more than apply the Lorentz transforms correctly. While I find Einstien's explanations unconvincing, Lorentz's derivation of the length contraction from Maxwell's equations is hard to dismiss. I have developed the ideas of Lorentz and Poincare into a new relativity with a different and more intellectually satisfying conceptual basis.

I believe that we will be possible to replace quantum theory with a chaos theory based on my theories.

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Scientific Papers

Paper 1 Inertial Mass as an Electromagnetic Phenomena
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Paper 2 Gravitational Attraction and Mass as Electromagnetic Phenomena
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Paper 3 A New Theory of Magnetism
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Paper 4 Relativistic Inertial Mass as an Electromagnetic Phenomena
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Paper 5 A New Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies
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Paper 6 Another paper on electromagneic momnetum

Paper7 Replacing Einstein's SR and GR: A Unified Classical Theory of the Electric, Magnetic and Gravitational Forces
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