What kind of physics

We look at the very basic questions. What is everything made of and how does it work.

We are taking a fresh look, rewriting much of what we call Modern Physics.

Our civilisation depends on machinery and electronics designed using the Classical Physics of the late 19th century. Physics in the early 20th century was dominated by the new theories of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics which radically depart from Classical Physics.

Our aim is to bridge the gap extending our understanding of Classical Physics to explain the phenomena which Relativity and Quantum Mechanics describe.

Our reason for doing this is that Modern Physics is based on very different philosophical ideas. Classical physics believes in a real world with real physical processes which we try to observe and understand. Modern Physics puts the emphasis on the observer and the observation. In Classical Physics, magnetic fields are real. In modern Physics they are an illusion caused by trying to observe an electric field while moving past it.