Everything is Energy

Everything in the universe is made from energy. Energy can take two forms: Electric Energy and Magnetic Energy.

Everything in nature is controlled by the changing of energy from one to the other and back.

All mater is made from Electric Energy. This energy forms the three basic stable particles which atoms are made of. They are the Electron and the two quarks called Up and Down.

Electrons, Up and Down quarks are nothing except electric charges and their electric fields. The electric field of an electron reaches out towards infinity. It never gets to infinity, but it reaches out beyond the stars.

If we could look at an electron, there would be nothing to see except a round ball made of the electric charge at the inner end of its electric field. The energy of the electric field takes the form of electric flux. The flux comes in segments. An electron has six segments, an Up quark four segments and a Down quark only two segments.

Each segment has the same amount of electric charge. Up quarks have positive charge while electrons and down quarks have negative charge. The three simplest ways to divide an apple into segments are (i) to cut it in half, (ii) to cut it into four thee sided segments and (iii) to cut it into six four sided segments. We suggest that this is what determines the charge of electrons, up and down quarks.

No one has ever seen a quark! We have seen electrons, protons and neutrons. Well, not with our eyes. What we see are the flashes of light when they hit things. Everyone who has ever watched television has seen the light given off when electrons hit the inside of the screen.

Quarks are very firmly tied together. We suggest that the three quarks which make a proton are held together by electric and magnetic fields.

We definitely know that magnetic flux comes in strands which each contain the same amount of flux. Magnetic flux always comes in loops which surround moving electrons and quarks. Very small magnetic fields can have only one strand of magnetic flux: then, it is more like a doughnut than a lot of threads.

We suggest that magnetism is the glue which holds the two up and one down quark of a proton together.

There are two ideas about what neutrons are made of. They could be made of one up quark and two down quarks, or they could be a proton with an electron trapped inside. One thing is certain: a neutron can turn into into an electron and a proton.