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Try to set things up by adjusting the text size and the page width so that this line of text fills one line.

The following paragraph contains some embedded gifs. They should be the same height as the text. The vector names might appear slightly small but the overall height should be the same as a capital letter. The gif is taller and the letters sit 3 pixels above the line

A charge q has a velocity and an electric field gives it an acceleration . If we assume that is not parallel to , then we can define Cartesian coordinates such that the X-axis is in the direction of . The point has polar coordinates such that its Cartesian coordinates are:

The most horrible equation on the site is

It should not quite fill the width of the page.

The really clever bit is to get it to print out the same.

All the maths has been produced in "antialiased" font. This uses a mix of shades of grey to fool the eye into seeing a smooth image without using very small pixels. Unfortunately, many PC printer drivers get the dithers and turn this into a grey haze.

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