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Why Publish these Pages on the WWW

This is an experiment in use of the Internet for publishing. To the scientific community, I am an outsider. The ideas in these pages are extremely revolutionary. I am asking the world to throw out long established beliefs. Men have been born, become professors of physics and died within the time span that these errors that have been perpetuated. A large number of Nobel prizes of have been awarded for work which history may one day come to regard as the twentieth century's great blind alley of science.

When I first discovered that my text book's derivation of the Lorentz transform was a fiddle, I found this quite difficult to accept. A friend at the university gave me a maths text book on Relativity and lo and behold, it gave a different derivation which was also a fiddle. The proof relied on attributing properties of an isosceles triangle to a triangle which was obviously not isosceles. I wrote up my findings but did nothing with them because I was still suffering from severe anxiety after my breakdown through overwork.

It was over a year latter when I started to study the subject my old text books refer to as Electricity and Magnetism. I found my mind full of questions which the texts just did not address. My dyslexic brain needs to assemble a set of logically inter-linked concepts, What the text books offered was a few nice formula and some examples in which they gave neat answers. It became apparent to me that the theory did not provide a coherent logical structure. For the last two years, I have, in between many interruptions, been working on this problem. The work is far from complete in that I am unable to account for the inner working of the atom in purely electromagnetic terms, but I have done that which Einstein failed to do. I have developed a theory of electricity and magnetism which takes us from the behaviour of charged particles to the derivation of Newtonian Mechanics and the explanation of gravity as a side effect of electric and magnetic fields. I have done some work on the statistics of the repulsion and attraction of groups of charged particles showing that the single down quark of a proton is able to hold the two up quarks together. I have done some investigation of the interaction of magnetic dipoles by numerical integration and found relationships here which would help to bind quarks together to form nucleons and nucleons together to from nuclei.

I feel in a position to claim that I have achieved the large scale side of Grand Unification Theory and am pointing the way to a time in five or fifty years when we will understand the the entire workings of nature in terms of the interaction of electric and magnetic fields.

One problem has been the amount of ground which I have had to cover before becoming confident that the foundation work is correct. I would like to start trying to get little papers published in respectable journals and gradually build up to an acceptance of some of my ideas, but the problem with that is that others might be given the right kick start to independently follow the same trains of thought . It seems to me that the path of publication through journals of such a quantity of quite new ways of thinking is a long and slow process. The medium of these web pages gives me the possibility of presenting the whole coherent body of my theories to the thinking public and putting them on record.

It seems to me that these pages contain some very good ideas which have a reasonable probability of being in the text books a thousand years from now. There are some ideas which I am not too certain about myself, others are sheer speculation because their development will require hundreds of man years. I have a poster beside my study door which I read every time I pass it. "New Concepts come Very Slowly"

One of the risks of publishing this material in this way is that all sorts of nuts think they have valid contributions to make in this field. Only a surfer in the academic top 1% or 2% of the population will be bright enough to understand what I have written. Then they will need a reasonable understanding of physics and mathematics. For this reason I have tried to structure the pages so that the ideas are presented at different depths. I am not too sure how deep I can go because equations can only be stored as sprites which on average cost over 1K of disc space each.

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