I have always had a burning desire to understand how things work. Not just to understand, but to be able to do. When Jesus invaded my life, the need to to understand and the desire to do shaped my growing faith.

I think for myself. I hope my readers will think for themselves, and so I offer these pages in the hope that they might be thought provoking.

Nothing worth saying can be communicated in words. A person can only be lead to realizing it for them self. If my writings provoke thoughts which lead the reader into a deeper relationship with God, they will have had some value.

I would like be a complete person. To allow God to form a relationship with me. To have passed my genes onto the next generation and seen my offspring flourish. To master the common skills of building, joinery, mechanics and electronics and be able to create. To understand how nature works. To understand how the human mind works. To understand the dynamics of human society.

I am a thinker. I think a lot of nonsense amid which are a few pearls of wisdom. May my readers sort the gold from the dross.

Bruce Harvey Email bruce@bearsoft.co.uk